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Aria 330X Series
Room has been left for additional models as info becomes available
Body Solid symmetrical double cutaway Solid symmetrical double cutaway ?
Neck Maple? ? ?
FB Rosewood, white dot ? ?
Pickups (1) Single Coil (2) Single Coil ?
Controls 1V, 1T 1V, 2T, 2 PU on-off slide switches ?
Bridge Straight bar, height adjustable Adjustable saddle, height adjustable with front mount Tremolo ?
Tailpiece "Ash Tray" hook N/A ?
Tuners Inline open gear strip Inline open gear strip ?
Nut ? ? ?
Hardware Chrome Chrome ?
Finishes "Cherry Red Sunburst" "Cherry Red Sunburst" ?
If you have any additions or corrections please contact us HERE. Be sure to specify which model you have information or corrections on and I'll post it next update. Anyone contributing will always be recognized! (The least I can do is say THANKS!)

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