I have to say, the "chocolate" thing sure gave me a chuckle! Ibanez? Lawsuit? Duh, it's not a Les Paul Gibson? Coulda fooled me. (NOT!). This "Not a blah-blah" stuff is another thing that gets on my nerves! Just another sleazy way of Keyword Spamming! I am sure this fellow sounded quite smart to those that know nothing about the Electra guitars, but sure made  a (synonym for donkey) out of himself to those of us that do! =] And I QUOTE:

(Begin Quote)"

70's Electra MPC Ibanez not Les Paul Gibson

Wow, I love these guitars and I know you do too! My friend has several and you know what--they give you a distinctive sound! This is a late 70's Electra MPC guitar styled similar to the great Kalamazoo made instruments endorsed by the guitar legend Les Paul, also known as Rubarb Red, according to author Tom Wheeler. I was told these fine instruments were made in the same factory that made the famous "lawsuit" Ibanez guitars. The quality of this instrument echoes that statement. This is a set neck guitar, NOT a bolt on. Beautiful ebony finish. Peghead has almost a Hofner flair to it. I don't know what MPC stands for, but all MPC guitars feature built-in effects, that are housed in a secret compartment in the rear. For years smugglers would sneak chocolate out of Belgium in such guitars, I've been told! This one is all original with two effects included--I'm not charging extra like some dealers who would sell you an "empty" MPC guitar! These are the POWER OVERDRIVE and the PHASE SHIFTER modules. These can be removed and others can be purchased separately on eBay for a variety of effects. Also no tangled cords on the stage floor! A great sounding guitar with great sounding effects. 5-way rotary pickup selector makes you wonder what Paul R. Smith was playing in the 70's! Great low action, too! I can't tell you how beautiful the abalone position markers are in person, you really have to see the quality! Like I say this is a beautiful instrument that is ready to ROCK, but I should mention it has a repair to the back of the neck opposite the first three frets. It has been professionally repaired and is solid. Finish has been touched up and you can see it in the photo I took. This caused the peghead overlay to crack and this is also touched up and not too noticeable. Otherwise the guitar is truly in excellent condition. Like I said, the repair doesn't effect the use and it makes the guitar more affordable. I know you'll love it. I do. Comes with a padded gig bag. Sold as is. Shipping is $30 domestic. Insurance is extra. Foreign will be quoted later. I don't ship to Indonesia or Singapore. US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY.

"(End Quote)

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