The Perfect example of run-on spew (hype) and nonsense bombardment!
You are probably going to read the following quote from an auction and think to yourself "who on earth would fall for all that BS?", but you'd be surprised! All but one of the last 10 counterfeit hacks this joker has sold went for an outrageous BIN! This example, and others (apparently ALL from the same fellow under different aliases) went for approximately twice what they were actually worth. The example below is a bolt neck Univox or Aria and would normally have gone for $250 or a little better. Someone actually paid $575 PLUS shipping! No one is going to be able to tell me this seller doesn't reel them in with the info-mercial diarrhea and pretty little "G" stickers. This is exactly the kind of spew I go off on in my rants!
Don't let all the huge monetary sums, references to guitar greats, and focus words (premium, superior, exquisite, etc.) lull you into forgetting one important thing: It's a $250 guitar AT BEST dressed up with an illegal fake logo and two tons of horse manure about everything except the guitar! One thing I would sure like to know is what possessed someone to spend $2000 on a pair of PAF pickups!
Here we go! I QUOTE directly from the actual auction and I embellished nothing!:
(begin quote)"
Blonde Flamed Les Paul GIBSON LS copy Ibanez
Source: Item # 929779351 Dec-11-02 18:44:04 PST

** "Bid With Confidence", Please check out my Perfect feedback!! ** This Beautiful Blond Vintage Premium Flamed ~1970 Japanese Golden Era Ibanez/Aria etc. equivalent Gibson is a Lawsuit copy to the Max ! & is built so Beautifuly, Accurately and so well that it was probably one of the ones Gibson tried to sue them over ! Possibly, the "One of the Nicer & Better Premium Plus Exquisitely FLAMED Gibson Lawsuit copies I have seen ! This Baby's Premium Plus Killer Flamed woods are More Stunning than some Gibson Custom Shop guitars !!!... LIKE THE LOOKS OF A $60,000.00 1959 Gibson Les Paul flame top or $20,000.00 "PREMIUM FLAMED" Maple Gibson "CUSTOM SHOP" reissue 1959 Les Paul Flame Top Guitar... BUT DON'T FEEL LIKE INVESTING MORE THAN A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS !!!!..... THEN YOU'VE G0T TO SEE THE PHOTO"S OF THIS "SWEET"- INSTRUMENT !!!!! This one even has a REAL ~1969 vintage USA Gibson pickup from late 1960's to early 70's GIBSON "PATENT NUMBER" LEAD pickup (with it's Original Braided Shielded lead, Just like a $2,000.00 a pair Gibson "PatientApplied For" Pickup would have)....So you won't miss a thing with this Fantastic guitar !!This VINTAGE ~ 1969-75 Circa High Quality Les Paul copy has many of the same features of a Custom Shop Gibson !! This represents some of the mfgr's Best & most Accurate Gibson Lawsuit copy instruments!! This is one of Exquisite Les Paul copies that I have seen, it is in near "Excellent" overall condition !!! This Sweet Instrument features options that you would usually only find on the very best "Custom Shop" GIBSON Les Pauls. *** Many Professional players Prefer to play these Gibson Lawsuit copies at gigs and leave their $20,000.00 to $60,000.00 Vintage 59' Flamed Top & Vintage Custom Shop 59' reissue Gibson Les Pauls at home. This Beauty has "Premium Plus" Flamed Woods, A Great Easy playing neck and Wonderful Full Rich Warm Woody Tone!!! (Especially with it's Vintage 1969 Gibson Lead Pickup) ***When You See, Hear & Play this fine guitar you will Definitely understand why Gibson was so upset when These Golden Era Guitars were being made!! (that's why Gibson threatened a Lawsuit if they didn't stop production). If you are looking for a less heavy, Far more comfortable, Incredibly Beautiful,Great Playing & sounding and Excellent HIGH QUALTY instrument... with many of the Features like that of the Top of the Line Gibson Custom shop guitars... then this instrument is Your Ticket .**I have seen Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Pauls sell for about "100+ times" my reserve some with woods less Incredibly Flamed than this Fine guitar!!I personally Feel a finely Crafted Premium Wooded Vintage Archtop Instrument is the Bridge Between a Stratovarius Violin and a Steinway Grand Piano. This "WONDERFUL" Vintage (Circa approx. early 1970's) guitar IS "SO STUNNING" THAT IT WILL MAKE IT'S PRESENCE KNOWN ON ANY STAGE!!! This particular "Japanese Golden Era guitar has a GREAT Gibson style headstock "Open book" or "Mustache" shape & it even has the Gibson headstock logos markings Etc. on its' headstock. Later year (post Lawsuit 1975) Ibanez/Aria etc. headstocks far less Gibson looking more like a Guild or Heritage guitar ***Please Note*** "This is "NOT" a Gibson Guitar, but a Very Good High Quality Japanese Copy" It is Definitely a ~1969- 74 Circa as I have owned other copies exactly like it in every way. Some with and some without the perfect Gibson headstock logo & Gibson headstock marking's etc.***  This guitar was MADE IN THE "GOLDEN ERA" OF JAPANESE GUITARS when Japan was trying to build some of the finest guitars on earth....This Gibson Lawsuit copy Guitar is "PROBABLY ONE THE MORE BEAUTIFULLY appointed & VERSATILE GUITARS I have seen & or PLAYED in a long time "ONE GREAT GUITAR CAN DO IT ALL"!!! ....You can play: Traditional or Swing Jazz, Blues, R & B, Country & Western, Folk, HARD ROCK, Progressive Rock , Jazz Fusion, You Name it, this guitar can Do it !!! Not only just well, but probably about as well as any other guitar !! NOW THAT's VERSATILITY!!!! ** This SWEET instrument has many of the same appointments as some of the Best Gibson custom shop etc. Guitars. Please check out the Quality Hardware, Deep Dark Rich fretboard wood & "Breathtaking" Large Pearl Block fretboard inlays. Many of these features are Like Gibson's Best "Custom Shop" & Top of the line $20,000.00 Gibson's "BEST" Archtops etc would have). As far as I can tell, this "SWEET", "WILD" & "BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT" appears to be about original other than it's upgraded ~1969 "Patient Number" Gibson Pickup and 1960's Gibson Pearl Tipped style reissue tuners. This Baby has "SUPER GREAT" PICKUPS !!!! Including a late 1960's REAL DEAL Gibson PATENT Number lead Pickup !!! "THESE BABIES HAVE "TONE" TO THE BONE" !!!!! When they are played clean (without effects) they have INCREDIBLE Response and are "Sweet", "Pure" & Full bodied ! & When played with a little overdrive they are warm as "Red Hot Coals"!!! in their tone and are an incredible compliment to this guitar It has 2 tone & 2 volume and selector controls just like a Real Gibson Les Paul would have !!!! It also has an adjustable bolt on neck (like a Vintage Fender Strat or Tele would have helping to make the guitar a little lighter (more like a 1959 Gibson weight than a later much heavier Les Pauls) Far more comfortable to play for extended periods of time also helping the guitar to sound far more Sweet and Pure in it's tone & Far less dark & muddy than many (most) much heavier real deal 1970's & newer Gibson les Pauls also this form of neck is far easier and less expensive to adjust, repair & Maintain than a Glue on style neck joint Les Paul. **Many Professional Performers and Collectors keep their $20,000.00 Plus Gibson Vintage 1959 Custom Shop Vintage Les Pauls etc. at home and play these Golden Era copy guitars at gigs. **George Benson has been playing High Quality Japanese guitars since the 1970's** ** Over the years, many of the "GREATEST PERFORMERS IN THE WORLD" played these "Japanese Golden Era" guitars! George Benson, Steve Miller, Bob Weir, The Grateful Dead, Randy Scruggs, Herb Ellis, John Denver, Lee Rittenauer, Paul Stanley, Harold Wherry, Luther Allison, Joe Pass, Steve Lukather, Todo, Cary Greenamire,John Lee Hooker, "The Lemon Drops", John Scofield, Lenny Kravitz, Dan Sawyer, John Pizanio, Herb Ellis, "The West Coast Kings of Rythmn & Blues", John Collins, Dave Thraen, JR. WATSON, Canned Heat, Mr Big, Paul Gilbert, Stanley Jordin, "The Connection", Robert Conti & Stevie Vi to name several. I have personally owned and collected well over 100+ lawsuit era copy guitars over the years!!....This is "BY FAR" One the more Beautiful, Better Quality, Better Playing & Sounding (& more Acurate) Late 1950 - 60's Gibson Lawsuit QUALITY Golden Era Gibson Lawsuit Custom Shop Like Les Paul Copies that I have owned !! A couple of years ago at the first November Great Fort Wayne, Indiana Guitar Show, a dealer said that he wouldn't sell his simular quality "Japanese Golden Era" Flame Top Les Paul Copy" for $2,000.00. He also added that if he sold it, he wouldn't have an Idea of what to replace it with !! I have seen many Japanese Golden Era etc. equivalent high Quality Japanese Archtops etc. sell for very close to the $4,000.00 mark...(My reserve is a small fraction of that (LESS than about a 1/8 th , or Far less (about a 1/100 th) of the real deal Vintage Gibson Flame top Les Paul would cost. I believe that this Incredible instrument's Premium Flamed Woods, LOOKS, & TONE are WITHOUT QUESTION, A KNOCKOUT" !!! This Blonde Premium Plus "Killer Flamed" Vintage Gibson-like copy from "Japans' Golden Era" is pretty close to a "Ringer" for a Vintage Gibson "CUSTOM SHOP" guitar in many ways. More Great NEWS !!! Its' neck is constructed with "3 PIECES" of "MAPLE" Like Gibson's "Top of the Line Very Best Gibson Archtops" IE: SUPER 400"s, "L-5"s, Etc.($10,000 to $20,000 NEW-ish) use 3 piece Maple neck construction like this !!! Relatively, it is about as tough and structurally as durable as "TITANIUM") not a single piece magohany neck, Like a GIBSON "bottom of the line, Melody Maker" ($150 ? NEW-ish when they were new in the 60's) It is in better condition than many guitars I have seen Los Angeles and San Francisco Dealers advertise as "Excellent" or near "Mint" !!! I would comfortably rate this guitar is being in near "Excellent" Overall Condition. CONSIDERING IT IS almost 30 YEARS OLD IT'S IN AMAZING CONDITION !!!! This guitar is a Great Find!I have several friends that Own real deal Vintage Gibsons, But, consistently use their 1970's Japanese "Golden Era" Gibson like Guitars it to go out and Play. One told me that "It is one of his FAVORITE GIGGING GUITARS". It is Light, Comfortable & EXTREMELY RESONANT, Very Forgiving to play Particularly electrically !!! It Has "Tone" to the Bone !! It LOOKS VERY "1950's-60's Vintage Gibson" and It's Premium Finish, Beautiful Hardware, BLONDE "KILLER FLAMED" FANTASTIC PREMIUM PLUS, Premium Binding, Maple woods , Beautiful Pearl inlay Appointments etc. always Blows people away". Because of this guitar's Comfortable weight and size compared to many Gibson Les Pauls it is Very Comfortable to Play for extended periods of time !!!!! This is a Guitar that anyone could be "PROUD" to play on stage or anywhere!!!! A few years ago at the FABULOUS Califonia" Dana Point Blues Festival" THE late and VERY GREAT "LUTHER ALLISON" "CLOSED THE SHOW" & Nearly "TOOK DOWN THE HOUSE", playing an Flamed (Gibson lookalike) Japanese guitar !! To make matters even better, a little later "Vintage Guitar" Magazine had a HUGE 6 page Article on "LUTHER ALLISON". The Majority (2/3) the photos of him showed him playing his Japanese Gibson lookalike guitar...It makes a "GOLDEN ERA GUITAR COLLECTOR PROUD"!!!! Also, in the mid 90's issue's of "Vintage Guitar" Magazine had about 6 "HUGE" 5-6 page Articals on Aria Lawsuit etc guitars an "EXCELLENT" article ... IBANEZ "THE GOLDEN YEARS", about 7 pages and about 6 HUGE Articals on "STRICTLY ABOUT GUITARS Built in the same Era as THIS ONE !!! This Beauty comes complete with a Hardshell case with padded interior with plenty of road wear or If winning bidder opt's for only fifty dollars I will exchange case for a brand new Arched top Hardshell Case by the same manufacture as the Current "Gibson/Heritage" Cases with extremely DEEPLY Padded & Lined interior Gold Hardware. This case is Very Strong relatively "BulletProof" !! ****FEAR NOT ****This is a beautiful, and "VERY STRIKING" Guitar, and is in overall near "EXCELLENT CONDITION" !!!!!!.....I have sold similar guitar's to this one out of my personal collection (all GOLDEN ERA IBANEZ/Aria etc. equivalent Gibson Lawsuit copies) to "THE LEMON DROPS" guitarist, Paul Gilbert (Signature Model Ibanez Endorsee), of "MR BIG" & "The GREAT"... "Harold Wherry" of "The CONNECTION", The "WEST COAST KINGS of RYTHMN and BLUES", "HUSH", and the The Cambell Brothers- FAME !!!! And JR. Watson of "Canned Heat" Fame and a current L. A. area "Jazz Guitar Wizard" !!!) All of them are about Nicest and finest guitar players I've Met & heard in a long, long time, & They ALL "LOVED" their guitars!!!! (Each of them asked me to find them more)...Obviously these Beauties "Sound" and Play as "GREAT" as they "LOOK". when these were built, Japan was trying to build some of the "Finest Guitars on Earth !!! (that's what the "GOLDEN ERA" thing is all about) A lot of collectors I know think they came very close to their "GOAL", others feel in some ways they may have Exceeded it in many ways!!! I Guess as always "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This guitar is a Quality "RARE" Gibson Lawsuit Copy Instrument is Definitely one of the Nicest Premium Wooded , Versatle & Beautifully appointed Instruments I have seen Produced in Japan. ** "Bid With Confidence" Please, check out my Perfect feedback!! 
Auction Bidding Rules (Please follow to avoid adverse feedback): 1) Please No negative (please email me first if you only have one -) , No hidden feedback & NO Indonesian Bidders Please !! 2) In fairness to other bidders of this auction, please ask all questions and do all of your research prior to bidding on this item, as all sales are final at the close of auction! 3) Buyer to contact seller within 2 days of close of auction to confirm. 4) Buyer to pay with money order only (80 cents at US post offices) sent $3 (2-day priority mail) the entire amount (winning bid amount, and actual shipping and insurance costs) to be recieved within 7 days of close of auction (unless otherwise agreed to by seller) please add $25 west coast, $29 east coast (estimated actual UPS shipping costs in continental USA. other area's may be more use my Zip code 90713 to calculate) Ins. is non optional & is 35 cents UPS or one dollar USPS per 100 doolars of value 5) Please do not bid on this item unless you are able to fulfill your responsibilities in this auction. 6)Please no e-mails regarding my reserve. Happy Hollidays and Happy Bidding!!! *** THE FINISH ON THIS GUITAR IS EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL, it has EXTREMLY HIGH GLOSS TO ITS' FINSH and understandably ALL THE BRIGHT REFLECTIONS IN THE AUCTIONS PHOTOS ARE mainly JUST REFLECTIONS OF LIGHT SOURCES IN THE ROOM WHEN THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN***

"(end quote)
After reading all that I have to have a good "hurl" just to get back to normal! Sheesh!

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