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How The Guitar Gallery has become what it is today... 

I  got my first guitar when I was 15 (so very long ago) and by the time I was 17 scraped up enough to buy a used Black Electra LP copy from a kid in the neighborhood to compliment my Lincoln LP copy. I had no idea what I had then, but I know I loved that guiar just as much as my Lincoln. I paid $80 of my blood, sweat, and tears for it. It wasn't long before I bought my first Aria Pro II Cardinal CS-350, and from there on it is just a matter of history. My guitar world changed forever!
Some years ago (about 1998) I became seriously curious about the company and people that had made the guitars I loved so much. The newer ones made in Korea were to me sorely lacking in comparison so I set out on a quest to learn what I could about the companies that made my older sweethearts. Inqiries became dedicated research, and then obsession. By December of 2001 my little guitars pages in my home directory had grown too large and became it's own "official" domain and The Guitar Gallery was born. Contributors and like minded Matsumoku enthusiasts came out of the woodwork. It literallly exploded! Who would have known the name Matsumoku and all the labels they were sold under would become almost household names. All the info worth presenting was made freely available to anyone seeking it as most of it was freely given by our contributors. We hope that in at least some small way we have honored the makers of these fine guitars.
Here you'll find all the information the site contributors have managed to glean including model/label specifications and examples, catalogs, and forums. We hope the visit is worthwhile, informative, and entertaining, and most of all become a part of the cummunity here.
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