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Here you'll find all the information the site contributors have managed to glean including model/label specifications and examples, catalogs, and our forums.

This site had it's humble beginnings in the author's home directory in 1998. By December of 2000 it had grown to the point it needed it's own dedicated home and the Guitar Gallery was born and it grew exponentially. It now exists as an archive of the guitars our members love so much. We hope the visit is worthwhile, informative and entertaining. 

Guitar Specifications and Information

The archives here contain the information our community has managed to gather. Much work and time has gone into this archive. In this section you will find specifications such as neck scale, pickup types, finishes and woods to name a few. The brands covered here are Aria, Aria Pro II, Vantage, Skylark and Washburn of Japanese origin, specifically those guitars made by Matsumoku. Serial number and dating info has been moved HERE.

Our Community

Our community consists of people of all ages and all walks of life with one passion in common, the guitars made by Matsumoku. The forums are a good place to get up to speed on new information and to share your passion with other like minded people. We hope you choose to join us! Just so it is said we only ask you treat others in our community with courtesy and respect. Please read through the forum guidelines before registering. We hope to see you there!

Other Great Sites

Over the years we have met other site owners with the same passion as ours. If you own or run a site dedicated to the guitars of Matsumoku and would like us to link to your site please contact us. These great sites have a wealth of information.

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